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In your December API OF THE MONTH, attention should be paid to the nourishment of your bees.  Our beekeeper Mathieu will also tell you about the new oriental hornet and the preparations for the coming season.

Before our next issue, we wish you all a wonderful, warm holiday season with friends and family, not forgetting a thought for our little bees!

Our bees this winter

 The cold has already arrived and the snow fallen on some of our regions. It is a little early this year, so it is time to give our bees some candy. After all, below 12°C, our colonies will no longer be able to consume liquid food: syrup.

For my part, already in the field, the colonies have just been fed with our Apifonda®. The best use is to position the sugar loaf directly on top of the frames, by creating a downward opening. Place some bubble wrap to insulate the top, then just add the upside-down feeder (to cover the candy) and the sheet metal roof.

A 2.5 kg sugar loaf should feed a hive for 1-2 months, but you need to keep an eye on it. This operation should be carried out on the least humid and warmest day possible, working very quickly, for just a few seconds.

In general, two sugar loaves must be provided per hive.

(Plan now for the nourishment of our hives)
(Plan now for the nourishment of our hives)

A new hornet

 Have you heard of the oriental hornet? It has just been officially identified in France in Marseille. Due to much trade with the East, it is now with us. Traces of it have also been found in Italy and Spain.

Physically, this hornet is a little bigger than our usual hornet and is mostly red with just the tip of its abdomen very yellow.

In contrast, the Asian hornet was less present in France this year. This might be due to the fact that the weather was unfavourable for its development.


Time to prepare for the future

This winter break is perfect for (re)thinking the next season.

Often, it all starts with the purchase of new books for research, getting into queen farming or discovering apitherapy.

Beekeepers will enjoy transforming their wax and making candles, for example to sell them on the Christmas markets – a gift that is always appreciated and inexpensive.

Others will prefer to talk about their passion! Working with children in schools or leisure centres will lay the basis for the agricultural sector of tomorrow, which involves raising awareness on a broad scale.

Finally, the most enterprising among us will decide to develop their business further by manufacturing their own honey-based treats (sweets, nougat, gingerbread, etc.) or by opting for new partnerships (installing hives, educational projects with town halls, etc.). There is something for everyone, to each his or her own!

Remember to order your Apifonda® candy from Father Christmas to find it under the tree!

We wish you all the best for the holiday season! Send us your photos on social media with the hashtag: #apifonda #apiinvert!

Next month, we are back with your faithful partner, Les Ruchers De Mathieu, on your API blog!


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