Sustainability for the Sugar Division of the Südzucker Group

As one of the brands for the Südzucker Group, API products adhere to its sustainability mission:

  1. For clients, consumers and employees to develop a transparent and meaningful relationship around beetroot cultivation.
  2. To conserve and protect local natural resources.

As API products are produced from sugar beet, the availability of this raw material has a vital role to play now and in the future. Therefore, the principle of sustainability is an integral part of our business practices.

As we work towards sustainability, we can define four major areas of impact:

1. Locally grown - sustainably sourced

Promoting local, sustainable agriculture and transformation, thereby fostering transparency and reliability.

2. Promoting biodiversity - protecting the local environment

Working to preserve the plant and animal diversity of our local ecosystems, in collaboration with our growers, and analysing how our activities impact these ecosystems.

3. Reducing emissions by 2030 - energy and emissions

Reducing CO2 emissions by modifying the energy mix and employing renewable energies, energy efficiency and climate farming.

4. Consumption - Conscious consumption

Raising awareness about the benefits of sugar beet for enhanced product value and conscious consumption.