API of the month

This month in your API blog of the month, we’re going to talk about beeswax, an important material in the beehive. The beekeeper gathers it to be processed during the autumn, when the season is quieter.

The wax lids recovered from the frames during uncapping will be used to make honeycomb-textured beeswax sheets. Did you know that on average, our bees need to produce 8 kg of honey to make 1 kg of wax?

API of the Month

This month in your API blog of the month the focus is on hive insulation. When the temperature drops considerably and the rain sets in in our areas, we need to prepare our bees for winter.

Choosing a feeder is not always easy. We’ll take a look at the different models on the beekeeping market. Did you know a hive needs 12 to 15 kg of food (honey or supplement) to get through the winter?